When changing the car insurance pay attention to these benefits

At the latest when car insurance becomes more expensive, many a car driver looks for a new car insurance. However, many insured do not wait for their provider to increase the costs. Instead , they use the cold autumn days and proactively seek cheaper insurance . But only to pay attention to the price of car insurance, could lead to the fact that the new car insurance costs less, but does not offer some benefits. There are some contract terms that motorists should not do without.

Important services of motor insurance

Depending on whether the insured person decides to take out motor insurance, a partial or full comprehensive insurance, car insurance should include certain benefits. These include, for example:

Coverage : For their current motor insurance test Stiftung Warentest has only considered tariffs, which provide a coverage in the liability of 100 million euros and twelve million euros as maximum coverage per injured person. For most motor insurance, the amount of 100 million euros is now standard.

Majorca Police: If motorists take a rental car abroad, the insurance there is usually much worse than in Germany, for example, in the case of personal injury. With the Majorca policy, insured persons adapt the protection of motor vehicle liability insurance in other European countries to German conditions.

Marten bites: In the case of marten damage, the consequential damages should also be covered. Otherwise insured persons will be refunded the broken brake hose, but not the damage to their own car if the bitten cable leads to an accident.

New value compensation for new cars: The motor insurance usually only reimburses the current value of a fully comprehensive vehicle with total loss. Since new cars lose immensely in value in the first few months after purchase, it makes sense that the car insurance company offers a new car replacement in the first twelve months after the acquisition in order to avoid high losses.

Clash with animals of all kinds: Especially in autumn, the risk of wildlife accidents is high. For example, if motorists drive a deer in front of the car, they and their vehicle are insured for partial comprehensive insurance. But what if, instead of a deer, a dog, a cow or a sheep is responsible for the accident? Here only a car insurance, in which collisions with animals of all kinds are covered.

Waiver of the objection of gross negligence: If insured cause damage grossly negligent, for example, if they run over a stop sign or a red light, the motor insurance can reduce the benefits. However, if the provider waives the objection of gross negligence, he will pay the full compensation.

Discount protection: Accident-free years are rewarded with a damage-free discount in motor vehicle liability insurance and comprehensive insurance. The higher the individual claim-free class, the larger the discount. In order to avoid a downgrading of the class after an accident, motorists can arrange a rebate protection for some insurers. However, if insured persons change providers, they will be downgraded for the new motor vehicle insurance because of the damage.

Use discounts: If motorists want to save money by changing their car insurance, they should check whether they have used all possible discounts. For example, some auto insurers offer a discount on low mileage, workshop loyalty, just one driver and a secured parking space.