VHV car insurance test: results at a glance

Image result for car insuranceThe VHV motor insurance is particularly positive in the test of the DISQ 2013, which asked customers about their satisfaction with their insurance company . Overall, the evaluation of slightly more than 3,000 insured persons was included in the test results. VHV motor insurance achieved a third place in the overall rating. In May 2014, the DISQ conducted a new survey of nearly 2,400 insured persons. This brought the VHV a deterioration of a place, but still a good test result.

On the test stand were the satisfaction with the price-performance ratio , the service and the contractual services . In addition, the testers considered whether customers would recommend the respective insurance and what annoyances existed with the respective company.

VHV motor insurance convincing in the test

For many customers, a good hedge should be beneficial above all else. However, it is advisable not to ignore the corresponding services . For its value for money, the VHV ranked fourth in the DISQ 2014 survey with a “good” rating. She comes in third place in the contract services category. In the previous year’s survey, VHV motor insurance even outperformed in both areas. Only the service leaves much to be desired compared to the other categories. Here, the VHV is only in the midfield of tested insurers.

VHV car insurance in the test: price and performance check

All in all, VHV convinced the customers in the investigation of the DISQ 2014. Interested parties can receive additional services in addition to the “Klassik Garant” tariff, for example through the “Exclusive” module. Standard benefits in VHV motor insurance include protection against gross negligence.

Meanwhile, most car insurers afford more than many consumers expect. Insurers again demand very different prices for such services. A detailed price-performance comparison is therefore essential to find the car insurance that best suits the individual needs of the customers. A car insurance rate calculator helps quickly and easily.

VHV car insurance in other tests

The VHV car insurance is not impressive in every test. In the analysis of Stiftung Warentest (issue: Finanztest 11/2013), it is not listed among the top 10 offers – neither for frequent travelers, for seniors nor for young drivers. Only VHV can reach tenth place for young families with a 16-year-old child. Also in a recent study commissioned by Focus Money (Issue 18/2014), in which the fairest motor vehicle insurer 2014 was determined, the VHV is not among the best in the test.

Anyone who plays with the idea of ​​changing their car insurance, has usually until 30 November this year time. With the help of a termination generator, the appropriate letter is created quickly.