Used car sales: Fast away!

Anyone who has bought a new car and separated from its old, had in the past few years usually used only one of two options: either the old in the used car dealer in payment or on your own by a classified ad in the newspaper or the Internet sell.

The sale on your own by classified ad can be tedious and time consuming. Interested parties call, dates for test drives must be agreed, finally, haggle over the price for a long time. Because of the effort and possible annoyance, a third option is now becoming more popular:

The sale to car buyers on the Internet. From such sales portals with names such as “Carsale24”, “easy car sales” or “buying a car”, there is more and more. Reason for the success: If everything works well, the used car sales will be done quickly and without much effort on the stage.

That’s how the car buyers work

For the new portals used car sales usually works like this:

  • The sales prospect registers and gives details of his car he wants to sell. If necessary, he also uploads pictures already.
  • Then he immediately gets a price – or a more or less large price range – called, to which he can sell the used car.
  • If the seller then wants to pursue the sale, the portal offers the used car dealers to be able to offer a price.
  • Finally, the customer can choose the best purchase offer. The respective used car dealer then makes the purchase contract and picks up the car.

The advantage of the ideally fast sale is of course a possibly lower price compared. After all, the used car dealer wants to earn something with the resale and therefore usually pays less than one end customer in private sales. For those who have little time and desire for long sales negotiations, this can still be interesting.

Nevertheless, you should not blindly leave the sale to the first-best portal. In a test of car buyers, the consumer portal “Finanztip” has found: There are very large price ranges in the offered cars – who does not look closely, so can sell his car too cheap. And also with the conditions and with the small print one should look carefully.

Trap: cancellation fee

Before you decide for a sale by platform, look at the conditions of the providers very carefully. Sometimes it can be expensive if a sale does not materialize. Some vendors charge a cancellation fee of up to € 150 if the vendor changes his mind and does not sell at the minimum price.