Problems with car insurance: 35 valuable tips from experts

As a car driver, you have to follow some important rules after an accident, so that the car insurance really comes up for the damage. The new, free guide “35 expert tips on motor insurance” by explains what motorists should pay attention to in their insurance coverage. The practical advice on correct behavior in the event of an accident comes from lawyers, consumer advocates, insurance professionals and traffic specialists.

Would you do everything right after a car accident?

Many road users do not know exactly what to do when it crashes. The correct behavior after an accident is very important in two respects: On the one hand, the participants have to protect themselves and all other road users from even greater damage. On the other hand, motorists have certain obligations to their insurance. If they do not meet them, it can happen that the motor insurance for the resulting damage only partially or even not pay.

Worth knowing about car insurance: That’s what motorists should think about

The new guide helps motorists to keep a cool head in the event of an accident and to avoid possible insurance problems from the outset. In addition to comprehensive information about the benefits of individual car insurance, such as motor vehicle liability insurance or comprehensive insurance, the 40-page brochure offers numerous checklists and valuable tips for the case of damage. Even if there is a dispute with the insurance company after the accident, the guide will continue to help. Drivers will find out where they can get help if there are problems in settling claims.

Period of notice November 30: Which is the best car insurance?

“At the end of the year, insurers are increasingly competing for customers and then finding better offers,” explains Elke Weidenbach from the Consumer Affairs Center of North Rhine-Westphalia in the new guidebook. Until November 30th, motorists will again have the opportunity to cancel their year-end offer with their old provider. However, they should do so only if nothing stands in the way of a new contract on better terms. In the case of comprehensive insurance, it may sometimes happen that the new insurer refuses the application for insurance cover. If the notice has already been received by the old provider, you will suddenly be without motor insurance as a car driver in the New Year. Which insurance has currently received good test results, shows the big car insurance Check 2013 by Finanztest.