When changing the car insurance pay attention to these benefits

At the latest when car insurance becomes more expensive, many a car driver looks for a new car insurance. However, many insured do not wait for their provider to increase the costs. Instead , they use the cold autumn days and proactively seek cheaper insurance . But only to pay attention to the price of car insurance, could lead to the fact that the new car insurance costs less, but does not offer some benefits. There are some contract terms that motorists should not do without.

Important services of motor insurance

Depending on whether the insured person decides to take out motor insurance, a partial or full comprehensive insurance, car insurance should include certain benefits. These include, for example:

Coverage : For their current motor insurance test Stiftung Warentest has only considered tariffs, which provide a coverage in the liability of 100 million euros and twelve million euros as maximum coverage per injured person. For most motor insurance, the amount of 100 million euros is now standard.

Majorca Police: If motorists take a rental car abroad, the insurance there is usually much worse than in Germany, for example, in the case of personal injury. With the Majorca policy, insured persons adapt the protection of motor vehicle liability insurance in other European countries to German conditions.

Marten bites: In the case of marten damage, the consequential damages should also be covered. Otherwise insured persons will be refunded the broken brake hose, but not the damage to their own car if the bitten cable leads to an accident.

New value compensation for new cars: The motor insurance usually only reimburses the current value of a fully comprehensive vehicle with total loss. Since new cars lose immensely in value in the first few months after purchase, it makes sense that the car insurance company offers a new car replacement in the first twelve months after the acquisition in order to avoid high losses.

Clash with animals of all kinds: Especially in autumn, the risk of wildlife accidents is high. For example, if motorists drive a deer in front of the car, they and their vehicle are insured for partial comprehensive insurance. But what if, instead of a deer, a dog, a cow or a sheep is responsible for the accident? Here only a car insurance, in which collisions with animals of all kinds are covered.

Waiver of the objection of gross negligence: If insured cause damage grossly negligent, for example, if they run over a stop sign or a red light, the motor insurance can reduce the benefits. However, if the provider waives the objection of gross negligence, he will pay the full compensation.

Discount protection: Accident-free years are rewarded with a damage-free discount in motor vehicle liability insurance and comprehensive insurance. The higher the individual claim-free class, the larger the discount. In order to avoid a downgrading of the class after an accident, motorists can arrange a rebate protection for some insurers. However, if insured persons change providers, they will be downgraded for the new motor vehicle insurance because of the damage.

Use discounts: If motorists want to save money by changing their car insurance, they should check whether they have used all possible discounts. For example, some auto insurers offer a discount on low mileage, workshop loyalty, just one driver and a secured parking space.

Best car insurance 2017: Twelve providers score with their fairness

Image result for car insuranceThe search for the best car insurance 2017 is not exactly easy. Because the vehicle owners are facing a large number of motor vehicle insurances, which are eligible for their protection. Many drivers pay attention to how expensive the insurance is in the selection, others do not necessarily want a cheap contribution, but feel comfortable with the provider above all . In particular, if the insurer offers a poor service, delayed services or unnecessarily complicated, most motorists just want to change the car insurance .

Last year, more than two million customers decided to take this step, according to the market research and consulting institute YouGov. Significantly more drivers were also interested in a change. But many remained true to their car insurance, as they felt in good hands. The feeling, however, has been decreasing for years. “Suppliers must take countermeasures through service and transparency in order to prevent redundancies from being terminated,” the YouGov study said.

Best car insurance 2017: every third insurer trades fair

To find the best car insurance in 2017 in terms of fairness, nearly 3,000 customers from 36 companies were asked how satisfied they are with their insurer . Motorists were able to rate their car insurance in various areas, such as customer service, product offer and claims settlement.

One-third of car insurance companies achieved a very good overall result in the test. Compared to the previous year, the Westfälische Provinzial and the Württembergische are new to the list of the fairest insurers. Some of the best car insurance companies include:

  • AachenMünchener
  • ADAC
  • alliance
  • Allsecur
  • CosmosDirekt
  • LVM
  • Signal Iduna
  • VGH
  • Westphalian Provincial
  • Württembergische

Tip: All in all, twelve providers know how to convince. However, the test does not take even half of the insurers in Germany under the microscope. With a car insurance comparison calculator, however, you get a better overview of recommended rates from a variety of offers.

Car insurance companies achieve very good results in claim settlement

In the motor insurance test, the companies achieved the best partial results in the claim settlement category. Here, on the one hand, customers assessed how high the reimbursement of auto insurance in the event of an accident was. On the other hand, they assessed how quickly society reacted and whether the regulation was complicated . For example, AachenMünchener, Allianz, LVM, Württembergische and Allsecur are performing very well here.

Best car insurance 2017: For customers, sensitivity is required

A special focus was on how companies deal with the concerns of their customers outside of a benefit case. In the categories customer service, customer service and customer communication, the respondents therefore assessed features such as the professional competence of their insurer and evaluated the extent to which they fulfilled their wishes . In addition, customers gave their verdict on whether the company provided them with sufficient information and provided advice and assistance in answering questions.

In general, the branch companies in these areas prove a bit more intuition than online companies, whose focus is more on the price-performance ratio. Nevertheless, in addition to Allianz, ADAC, VGH, LVM and Signal Iduna, the direct provider CosmosDirekt is among the best car insurers in 2017 in terms of customer traffic.

Safe driving pays off with telematics tariffs

For the first time, the fairness test also examines various telematics tariffs. Motorists who opt for it will be rewarded with rewards for predictive and safe driving. In return, however, insured persons record their driving data . Four of the eight insurers with telematics option make it into the ranking of good and very good offers. AachenMünchener, Allianz and Signal Iduna are among the best car insurance companies in 2017.

Offenders have to pay higher contributions to car insurance

Related imageIn 2016, it crashed more than 2.5 million times on German roads, the Federal Statistical Office estimates. Many accidents occur because the drivers behave incorrectly, for example if they ignore the right of way, are traveling too fast or are not keeping enough distance. If the police caught motorists, depending on the seriousness of their offense, a fine is due and they get points in their Verkehrsünderkartei . While these entries have so far played no role in car insurance, some providers now include the score in Flensburg in the calculation of contributions.

Car Insurance: Traffic offenders pay up to around a third more

In car insurance, the contributions are based on a variety of factors. Among other things, type and regional class as well as the kilometers driven have an impact on how many drivers pay for their car insurance. Meanwhile, some providers look at the new account of a contract on the points account in Flensburg. Customers who have entries in the file card then have to dig deeper than drivers without points. Depending on the offer, surcharges of up to 29 percent are possible , according to an analysis of a comparison portal. Under certain circumstances, insurers even refuse car owners with points.

Higher contributions could motivate racers for more security

Currently, only a few insurers charge a surcharge for customers with entries in the traffic offenders register. Sparkassen Direktversicherung, on the other hand, first asked how drivers feel when the points account would have an impact on car insurance premiums.

Twelve percent of respondents are interested and see the additional fine for racers as a possible motivation to adapt their driving behavior . Based on this motivation, Board member Dr. Jürgen Cramer the concept. “Anything that helps to make road traffic safer, to prevent accidents and, above all, personal injury, should, in our view, play a role in pricing for insurance rates,” he said. Around one in five participants and thus the majority perceives the principle as a double punishment for violations.

Reward for safe drivers: Telematics fares with discounts

According to the Sparkassen Direktversicherung, more than half of the participants in the survey agreed that exemplary drivers should be rewarded . Some car insurers already have a bonus for safe and predictive driving. Telematics tariffs are based on this principle. Motorists can monitor and record their journeys via an app or a telematics box in the car. Depending on how safe they are, their annual contribution may be reduced based on driving style. Some providers promise a saving of several hundred euros.

Whether these sums are realistic, is questionable. Thus, even with a cautious driving style, motorists sometimes do not reach the maximum bonus, as shown by a self-test by a financial test employee. The amount of the rebate is sometimes influenced by factors that make it difficult for drivers to work . For example, the bonus is reduced if the insured travel a lot in the city or when driving at night. Both increase the risk of accidents and thus lower the so-called score, which is decisive for the premium level. The lower this turns out, the lower the discount.

Technological progress is driving up insurance costs for 2018 car insurance

In Baden-Baden, Hannover Re’s Andreas Kelb recently announced that premiums for motor insurance will rise in 2018. He already has several insurers known that will turn in the coming year on the price screw . The costs for comprehensive insurance will probably be more strongly adjusted than for motor third party liability insurance. On average, the motor vehicle reinsurer expects a premium increase of one to two percent.

Car Insurance: Higher amounts of damage lead to premium increases

It is predicted that car insurers’ revenues will increase by more than two percent due to nearly one million newly registered vehicles. Hannover Re, for example, expects to receive 27.5 million euros, which will be booked by the providers for the insurance premiums for the 65 million vehicles. But at the same time increase the cost of damage ,

Do not miss the key date for the change of insurance

Many motorists still have about a month to compare their current car insurance with other tariffs. Because the regular notice period ends with most insurance contracts as of November 30, 2017 . If the insured misses the deadline, the car insurance will be extended for another year. In special cases, a change of motor insurance is also possible if it has regulated a claim or adjusts the contributions for the insurance cover.

Question of the week: What to do about a downgrade of the car insurance?

Image result for car insuranceMany motorists regularly enjoy their declining contributions for motor insurance. Because the longer they get through the traffic without an accident, the cheaper their policy will be because of the high damage-free class. However, Stiftung Warentest confirms in the current edition of the “Finanztest” (03/2018) that this paper can turn very quickly.

Those who drive regularly should consider their options in future and consider whether and when to turn on their insurance for claim settlement after an accident. As soon as she steps in, the customer in the SF class is often graduated by several rather than one . That means a huge increase in annual costs for him. But how can drivers handle this downgrade in car insurance?

Car liability insurance is compulsory for all motorists

Car liability insurance is compulsory for every driver and covers potential costs incurred in the accident. For example, how much the contribution for the insurance is made depends on the type of vehicle and the place of residence of the driver. But age, occupation and the annual mileage determine how much the customer spends on his insurance. For each accident-free year, he is also promoted to the non-infringement category and benefits from a rising no-claim bonus .

Caution: Downgrading causes higher annual fees

The contributions of motor insurance vary widely. When choosing the optimal fare, the driver should always pay attention to how many steps he is downgraded in an accident. If he realizes that he has to reckon with a significant increase in the contribution costs, a change makes sense. In this regard, Stiftung Warentest has also reviewed 163 tariffs of 64 motor vehicle insurances . The result: most insurers use the downgrading of the SF class and significantly reduce the long-term discount of their customers .

Tip: If you do not want to be tormented by the contract documents, you can use the demotion calculator from Stiftung Warentest. It shows, from which amount it pays to pay the damage out of own pocket.

A customer who has been driving for 15 years without an accident can, depending on the tariff, be graded by the insurance company by up to nine classes, according to Stiftung Warentest. He’ll need nine years to get back to his original no claims bonus. Until the cheapest SF class 35 is reached, the overspending caused by the downgrade adds up noticeably. Because compared to the contribution before the accident, these can now be four to five times as high .

Downgrade in car insurance can be avoided in three ways

Should an accident happen despite years of trouble-free driving, the driver usually falls into uncertainty and hectic pace. The desire for immediate protection entices that the person concerned immediately informs his insurance company. This is immediate and follows the downgrade in the SF class, which will take effect from the following year. In advance, the insured has three options on how to circumvent the process or reduce costs.

Save additional costs through loss buyback

The first option is the loss buyback. This is still possible if the driver has already requested the claim settlement . This is often the more advantageous option, especially for smaller accidents . The driver comes out of pocket for the damage and thus saves the additional costs that would be incurred if the insurance lowers the no-claims discount. At best, the customer waits and lets the insurance in advance until a final sum is established. Some insurance companies then have six months to repay the damage.

Discount protection ensures hedging of the SF class

The conclusion of a discount protection is the second possibility, which offers itself to the vehicle owner. He ensures the protection of the customer’s non-infringement class. Thus, the SF class is not downgraded in the accident and the contribution remains . In addition to the usual fare, the driver pays for it up to 25 percent of the annual fee. If the driver wants to change the insurance provider, the discount protection does not remain. If there has been an accident in recent years, this is taken into account when calculating the contribution.

For older policies, the discount savior

If you have an older contract , you can benefit from a third option. However, the so-called discount saver pays off only in the highest SF classes. The rule here is that although the driver is graduated, he is protected from lowering the no- claims discount and thus continues to pay his usual contribution. The discount savior can only be used once . Therefore, it is advisable to consider beforehand whether this use is worthwhile or whether the damage can be paid by yourself.

Car insurance: With these savings tips motorists reduce their costs

Image result for car insuranceAccording to a survey, every third motorist has ever changed his car insurance. 42 percent of the respondents have already gone this step several times. Last year, for example, 2.2 million insured people turned their backs on their car insurance and started in 2017 with a new insurer. Again this autumn, many car owners will take the opportunity to cancel their old car insurance until 30 November at the latest and to choose a new provider for their insurance coverage.

Compare current car insurance with new tariffs and adjust the payment method

According to a study, Germans pay on average more than 400 euros per year for their car insurance. But many of them can cut costs significantly, for example by comparing the benefits and expenses of their current car insurance with other offers. But also the payment method represents a lever for saving . As a rule, the providers grant a discount for insured who pay their contribution not once a month, but, for example, annually.

Refrain from comprehensive insurance and limit mileage

In order to lower car insurance expenses, it is possible to think about the scope of benefits . For example, is a partial comprehensive insurance still worthwhile when the car is already twelve years old? Motorists should also try to estimate their annual mileage realistic. Because the fewer miles you specify, the cheaper is usually the car insurance. If, however, it is foreseeable that the kilometers traveled are above the value stated in the insurance, insured persons should report this to the provider. Otherwise it can come in an emergency to problems in entitlement to benefits.

Which car insurance offers the best mix of price and performance?

In order to find a suitable car insurance, drivers willing to change can orient themselves to current test winners in car insurance. In the middle of the month, Stiftung Warentest will publish a new overview of recommended providers in the journal Finanztest. In addition, consumers can see the benefits and costs of various insurers using online tariff calculators . In this way, they get the fastest overview of a variety of car insurance.