Motorists find the best car insurance with these providers

Which providers currently offer the best car insurance? This question is Map-Report punctually pursued this year’s change season. In the new rating of German car insurers, a total of 13 companies received the top grade “mmm”. The fact that drivers can save several hundred euros by switching to one of the best motor insurers, however, the editor of the Map Report, Manfred Poweleit, but for nonsense.

Best car insurance: These are the winners in the new rating

According to Map-Report this year, the best motor insurance is provided by the companies HUK-Coburg aG, HUK-Coburg Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Public Braunschweig and Oldenburgische. Together with nine other providers, these insurers received the rating grade “mmm” in the new test for long-term excellence in car insurance. Among other things, the industry service Map-Report examined the rating and the service strength of car insurers for the rating.

Best service at VGH and Provinzial Rheinland

According to the new car insurance test, the car insurance companies VGH and Provinzial Rheinland offer the best car insurance in the service sector. They were able to convince the rating with their service strength. Thus Map-Report draws a different picture than a slightly older study by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), in which the providers ADAC, HUK-Coburg and HUK24 were able to shine as “Most Popular Motor Insurers 2013”. A recent study by the magazine Finanztest has come to another conclusion. The motor insurers DA Deutsche Allgemeine, Direct Line and Hannoversche were the most convincing drivers here.

Switch to the best car insurance until 30th November 2013

The different test results make it clear that it is always in the eye of the beholder, which is the best car insurance. Depending on whether motorists attach more importance to low-cost protection, excellent service or a comprehensive service package, very different offers can be considered. That’s what makes a tariff comparison so important. Until 30 November, it is worthwhile for many car owners to look for a suitable motor insurance and, if necessary, to change the provider.

Save several hundred euros on car insurance?

The promises of some providers that car drivers can save several hundred euros with a change doubts so many insurance customers not without reason. How should someone who currently pays 200 euros per year for protection, with a change 800 euros or more by a change can save, also asks Map Report editor in chief Poweleit. Such a high saving is probably only possible in individual cases and then probably more for those insured who have not taken care of their once-completed contract for years.

According to Stiftung Warentest, the offer comparison is also worthwhile for young drivers. The price differences between individual rates would be here even at almost 3,000 euros, the consumer organization had reported only in October. For all others, even if the savings potential is not necessarily in the four-digit range, worth a car insurance comparison right now. Even if at the end maybe “only” a savings of 50 euros in it.