Loss of car insurance through tuning

No matter if car owners or motorcyclists – the number of tuning fans in Germany is growing. The current judgment of the Higher Regional Court Naumburg (AZ: 4 U 69/13) shows tuners but dangerous consequences. The owner of a moto-cross machine had these throttled in the workshop. An appraiser confirmed his street legal status. He also communicated this change to his insurance company so as not to lose his insurance cover. Before delivery, the horsepower was increased again. When the machine was subsequently stolen, the owner was surprised that the insurance company was not liable for the damage. The consequences of styling affect not only motorcyclists but also motorists. What is there for vehicle owners to consider?

A conversion on the vehicle must be reported by the car owner

Tuning is an individual change to the chassis, engine, interior or body of the vehicle, such as lowering, change to wider tires, tinted windows, a spoiler as a visual change, engine performance rise and much more.

Depending on the nature and extent of the modifications, the changes to the vehicle must be noted in the papers and reported to the relevant authorities. If this does not happen, the keeper may face, for example, a fine at a police checkpoint , points in Flensburg or even the decommissioning of the vehicle.

What is the consequence of styling?

The styling of the car must not only be noted in the papers, but the vehicle owner should also inform his car insurance immediately . If he does not report the changes to his vehicle, he takes a high risk . In the worst case, the loss of insurance coverage threatens. Then the tuner carries in an accident or theft, the cost of the damage caused alone.

Increase of car insurance premiums by tuning

The motor insurance must also be informed with regard to the motor insurance contributions. Even small changes to the vehicle can influence the risk rating . Because styling results in new factors that the insurance may include in the premium calculation, so that the contributions are adjusted. If, for example, the engine power is increased, insurance companies arrange the vehicle in a new type class. Only through the adjusted contributions insurance coverage is guaranteed again.

What happens if the insurance coverage is lost?

If the withdrawal of road legal registration or the styling of the vehicle leads to the loss of insurance cover, the car owner must not move his vehicle . In addition, it is not allowed to leave the vehicle on the road without registration or insurance coverage. In this case, the car must be parked in a garage or on a private parking space .

Similar rules apply to vehicles with season labels. For many convertible and motorcycle riders, the season is coming to an end soon. Therefore, off-season car owners should make sure they also leave the vehicle and park it in a garage or on a private parking space.

A tip for all tuning fans: change of car insurance now possible

Many car owners need to reach deeper into the bag after tuning . A change of insurance can reduce costs. As a rule, car owners can cancel their car insurance until 30 November in time to switch to a cheaper provider . To find a suitable offer, Halter can use the car tariff calculator.