List of credits to buy a car

Image result for buying a carNot always have enough money to buy a car and request a personal credit with this reason is a fairly recurring option.

To get the best credit for buying a car, we recommend comparing the different loans in the market, in order to request the most convenient one.

When comparing different loans we have to analyze the following elements:

  • Amount: the first thing is to know how much amount you will need, since, the entities lend a maximum amount.

  • Interest: when comparing different products, the total cost of a loan will vary according to your interest. The higher the interest, the higher the cost. The CAT is an indicator established by the Bank of Mexico that shows the total cost of a loan to buy a car or for another purpose.

  • Extra Commissions: Some loans have and others do not, such as: commission for opening or cancellation. You have to take it into account because you can increase the total cost.

  • Return period : the minimum and maximum return period will determine the amount of the installments and the length of time the loan will be extended.

A shorter return period will pay interest for a shorter time, that is, the total cost will be less, but the monthly fee will be higher.

A longer repayment term will pay interest for a longer time, normally, the total cost will increase but the fee will be a lower amount.

In the following list of loans we show you the most convenient entities to request a loan to buy a car.


The La Tasa financier offers up to $ 350,000 with a CAT from 9.9% to 28.9%. You can choose a return period from 6 to 36 months. It is a flexible credit with which you can choose the amount of amount you want to pay each month. In addition, they offer a personalized service: upon receiving the request, they make an individualized proposal to each user. It has a commission for opening 5.0%.


  • Have a Mexican residence

  • Have a positive Score in a credit bureau

  • Be of age

If the credit to buy a car is approved, the following documents must be provided:

  • Bank account data

  • Proof of address

  • Last 3 months of proof of income


  • Quick request in less than 5 min

  • Instant response

  • Custom rate

  • Amount in less than 48 hours

  • No need to present endorsements

  • Fixed fees

Kubo Financial

If you need a loan to buy a car, Kubo Financiero offers up to $ 300,000 with a CAT from 16.5% and 55.1%, depending on the credit history apply a lower or higher rate. The average annual is at 30.26%. It involves a commission for opening 5.0%.


  • Minimum income of $ 6,000

  • Be of age

  • Have a positive credit history

  • Have a Mexican residence

  • Minimum 1 year of seniority


  • Personal credit

  • Pre-approval in 5 min

  • 100% online request

  • Signature of the face-to-face contract is a financial institution with which you can receive a loan to buy a car up to $ 300,000 with a maximum term of 36 months. The minimum CAT they offer is 8.90% and the maximum interest is 38.90%. This credit adds a commission for opening and a commission for protection and account management that covers life insurance.


  • Have a positive credit bureau

  • Have a bank account

  • Show regular income


  • Fast answer

  • Personalized rate to the profile of the applicant

  • Online loan

With this list and our form you can find the best credits to buy a car , the main objective is to find the financing that offers the best conditions.