Problems with car insurance: 35 valuable tips from experts

As a car driver, you have to follow some important rules after an accident, so that the car insurance really comes up for the damage. The new, free guide “35 expert tips on motor insurance” by explains what motorists should pay attention to in their insurance coverage. The practical advice on correct behavior in the event of an accident comes from lawyers, consumer advocates, insurance professionals and traffic specialists.

Would you do everything right after a car accident?

Many road users do not know exactly what to do when it crashes. The correct behavior after an accident is very important in two respects: On the one hand, the participants have to protect themselves and all other road users from even greater damage. On the other hand, motorists have certain obligations to their insurance. If they do not meet them, it can happen that the motor insurance for the resulting damage only partially or even not pay.

Worth knowing about car insurance: That’s what motorists should think about

The new guide helps motorists to keep a cool head in the event of an accident and to avoid possible insurance problems from the outset. In addition to comprehensive information about the benefits of individual car insurance, such as motor vehicle liability insurance or comprehensive insurance, the 40-page brochure offers numerous checklists and valuable tips for the case of damage. Even if there is a dispute with the insurance company after the accident, the guide will continue to help. Drivers will find out where they can get help if there are problems in settling claims.

Period of notice November 30: Which is the best car insurance?

“At the end of the year, insurers are increasingly competing for customers and then finding better offers,” explains Elke Weidenbach from the Consumer Affairs Center of North Rhine-Westphalia in the new guidebook. Until November 30th, motorists will again have the opportunity to cancel their year-end offer with their old provider. However, they should do so only if nothing stands in the way of a new contract on better terms. In the case of comprehensive insurance, it may sometimes happen that the new insurer refuses the application for insurance cover. If the notice has already been received by the old provider, you will suddenly be without motor insurance as a car driver in the New Year. Which insurance has currently received good test results, shows the big car insurance Check 2013 by Finanztest.

Car Insurance Change 2015: Protect now cheap from damage

Those who want to change their car insurance and secure cheap premiums for next year should act now. Because the notice period for the motor vehicle liability and comprehensive insurance ends for most policies on 30 November. Here, motorists can find a suitable new tariff quickly and easily with a car insurance comparison computer without professional help. On the other hand, catching up on offers from the providers is usually too time-consuming for late-comers. Especially as many people do not know about possible discounts and important insurance benefits for car insurance.

Car Insurance Change 2015: It is important to pay attention to these benefits

With a change of car insurance, many drivers want to save insurance premiums again in 2015 and find the cheapest possible car insurance for 2016. But those who only pay attention to the insurance premium, may have the disadvantage, if it really comes to a loss. For example, motor liability insurance provides for a statutory minimum cover for property damage of 1.12 million euros . However, some car insurance companies offer much higher damage coverage of about 100 million euros .

With a simple sheet metal damage, it does not come to such enormous damage. However, if a motorist causes an accident involving, for example, a truck with expensive cargo, the costs incurred can very quickly exceed the minimum cover . In such a case, the responsible car driver can be happy to have a high-coverage liability insurance – even if this is usually a bit more expensive.

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  • Compare fares

Save on discounts on car insurance change 2015

Instead of saving on the benefits, motorists should rather try elsewhere to reduce the insurance premiums . When changing car insurance in 2015, it is advisable to exploit targeted discounts. Not only the damage-free discount, because all providers charge, beats to book. Vehicle owners may also benefit from factors such as the use of a garage or sole occupancy of the vehicle.

As a general rule, car insurance contributions are calculated on the basis of a number of personal factors . In addition to the vehicle type and place of residence are, for example, the professional activity of the vehicle owner, the individual driving behavior and the exact form of vehicle use. With new tariffs, which record and evaluate the driving style by modern Telematik procedures, the trend with the auto insurance goes anyway to individualized insurance premiums. Therefore, a personal comparison of car insurance change is also a prerequisite for cheap and fair contributions.

Car Insurance Change: With new tests for the best car insurance for 2016

Just in time for the car insurance change season 2015, the Stiftung Warentest publishes a big test for the cheapest car insurance for the next year. On the basis of the current motor insurance test of the financial test (issue 11/2015), motorists can get a comprehensive overview of the price trends this year. However, since the testers are based on model cases that can deviate greatly from the personal situation, the results do not replace the individual car insurance comparison.

Here you can find tips and more information about car insurance.  

VHV car insurance test: results at a glance

Image result for car insuranceThe VHV motor insurance is particularly positive in the test of the DISQ 2013, which asked customers about their satisfaction with their insurance company . Overall, the evaluation of slightly more than 3,000 insured persons was included in the test results. VHV motor insurance achieved a third place in the overall rating. In May 2014, the DISQ conducted a new survey of nearly 2,400 insured persons. This brought the VHV a deterioration of a place, but still a good test result.

On the test stand were the satisfaction with the price-performance ratio , the service and the contractual services . In addition, the testers considered whether customers would recommend the respective insurance and what annoyances existed with the respective company.

VHV motor insurance convincing in the test

For many customers, a good hedge should be beneficial above all else. However, it is advisable not to ignore the corresponding services . For its value for money, the VHV ranked fourth in the DISQ 2014 survey with a “good” rating. She comes in third place in the contract services category. In the previous year’s survey, VHV motor insurance even outperformed in both areas. Only the service leaves much to be desired compared to the other categories. Here, the VHV is only in the midfield of tested insurers.

VHV car insurance in the test: price and performance check

All in all, VHV convinced the customers in the investigation of the DISQ 2014. Interested parties can receive additional services in addition to the “Klassik Garant” tariff, for example through the “Exclusive” module. Standard benefits in VHV motor insurance include protection against gross negligence.

Meanwhile, most car insurers afford more than many consumers expect. Insurers again demand very different prices for such services. A detailed price-performance comparison is therefore essential to find the car insurance that best suits the individual needs of the customers. A car insurance rate calculator helps quickly and easily.

VHV car insurance in other tests

The VHV car insurance is not impressive in every test. In the analysis of Stiftung Warentest (issue: Finanztest 11/2013), it is not listed among the top 10 offers – neither for frequent travelers, for seniors nor for young drivers. Only VHV can reach tenth place for young families with a 16-year-old child. Also in a recent study commissioned by Focus Money (Issue 18/2014), in which the fairest motor vehicle insurer 2014 was determined, the VHV is not among the best in the test.

Anyone who plays with the idea of ​​changing their car insurance, has usually until 30 November this year time. With the help of a termination generator, the appropriate letter is created quickly.

Car insurance

Important to car insurance despite SCHUFA

  • Observe restrictions
    The insurance benefit is limited to the liability insurance. As a rule, the vehicle may also be used only for private purposes.
  • Restrict driver’s circle
    Use the vehicle best only as a solo driver. Sometimes it can make sense to have the vehicle insured by another person.
  • Compare fares
    Pay attention despite a negative SCHUFA on a high cover sum. It is best to compare different insurance rates and their conditions exactly before the conclusion of the contract.

A negative SCHUFA entry can hinder consumers when concluding new contracts or when applying for loans. When it comes to car insurance, you also have to expect disadvantages in the event of an insufficient SCHUFA score. But by law, insurers are obliged to offer policyholders car insurance without SCHUFA. These are usually the basic liability insurance. Thus you do not necessarily have to reckon with a rejection of the insurer even with negative SCHUFA.

How to find a car insurance despite negative Schufa

Even if the conditions for tariffs without Schufa in car insurance are usually worse, you should perform an insurance comparison before concluding a contract. Thus, not only the benefits of basic tariffs in motor insurance, but also the costs differ. This is often because the respective car insurers judge the creditworthiness of policyholders differently. For example, a consumer with a negative SCHUFA may be worse off with one insurer than another.

With this information in the comparison calculator you come to a favorable rate:

  • It is best to choose the semiannual or annual payment method.
  • Use the insurance only for yourself.
  • Specify private usage.
  • Refrain from full or partial coverage.

Insurance companies are required to insure

Every car owner or owner in Germany is obliged under the compulsory insurance law to take out liability insurance for his vehicle. Without this insurance coverage, the vehicle will not be licensed for use on the road. In this case, the legislator imposes the liability insurance obligation on the insurer’s right to refuse to conclude a contract in the event of a negative SCHUFA.

Bad credit rating no grounds for refusal

Thus, it is possible for consumers to complete a car insurance with a bad credit rating. They must reckon with worse conditions and waive the possibility of comprehensive insurance. Some insurance companies also refrain from a SCHUFA exam and offer appropriate tariffs. Policyholders in this case have to reckon with higher costs and basic protection.

A fundamental refusal of the car insurance with negative Schufa is possible only under certain conditions.

Difference in comprehensive insurance

The comprehensive insurance does not belong to the statutory insurance cover. Therefore, insurance companies also have the right to refuse the application for this insurance in case of negative SCHUFA.

Limitation of benefits by SCHUFA entry

When considering creditworthiness, car insurance is often less concerned with the actual financial situation than with the statistics. For example, drivers with poor credit ratings statistically cause more accidents. In addition, the risk of accidents increases because drivers with negative SCHUFA often use older vehicles which increase the risk of accidents. The insurance companies want to protect themselves by their rejection or the restriction of the performance of high costs that come in the case of benefits on them.

This is how a SCHUFA query from a bank differs from that of an insurance company. First and foremost, the bank wants to know whether the debtor has a good payment history when making a credit inquiry.

Contribution increase with negative SCHUFA

If the credit rating decreases during the term of the car insurance policy, insurance companies have the right to adjust the contributions. However, this right must be granted in the insurance contract. There, policyholders must also agree that SCHUFA queries may be made regularly during the contract period. If neither the query nor the increase in the contract is fixed, policyholders can object or seek legal assistance in order to prevent a contribution increase.

Limitations at a glance

You have to expect this if you want to take out a car insurance with a negative SCHUFA entry:

  • Refusal of a comprehensive insurance (full or partial)
  • Limitation of the coverage to the legally prescribed minimum
  • No additional services such as damage-free discounts or second-car discounts
  • Exclusion of possible contractual clauses such as the “waiver of plea of ​​gross negligence” or “deduction new for old”

Improve creditworthiness

In order not only to use favorable conditions for car insurance, you should regularly improve your credit rating. Here are 7 tips to improve your credit rating.

In these cases, a refusal threatens

In exceptional cases, there is the possibility that an insured may be rejected by the insurance industry. The following reasons can lead to a rejection:

  • Bankruptcy of the applicant
    If the policyholder is insolvent, it is very uncertain for the insurance company whether it will still receive the payment of the premiums.
  • Applicant has given disclosure
    In the case of an application for disclosure by the applicant, the risk of a loss of premium payments for insurers is also too high.
  • Insurance contract has already been terminated in the past
    If the policyholder has previously used a car insurance from the same provider and the contract was terminated due to poor payment practices, the insurer may refuse to reinsure.

What to do if rejected?

If you have been denied car insurance, you can try to bargain. Often the insurance companies require an annual advance payment of liability insurance to insure anyway. Otherwise, policyholders will only have the opportunity to search until they find an insurer who offers them liability insurance. In most cases, these tariffs are significantly more expensive than for consumers with good credit ratings.

What does SCHUFA say about me?

Before taking out motor insurance, most insurers arrange a SCHUFA request. With the help of the data of the credit agency, they can check the creditworthiness of a potential policyholder.

Consent to obtain the SCHUFA information necessary

However, the insurance may not retrieve the data without the consent of the applicant. Consumers have the right to refuse the SCHUFA information. However, in this case, they must expect to receive a refusal for comprehensive insurance.

These data are stored by the SCHUFA

The SCHUFA stores the following data:

  • Number of accounts
  • Number of loans and loan amounts
  • Contracts (for example, mobile phone contracts)
  • Open invoices
  • insolvencies
  • Current and former addresses
  • Affidavits
  • adhesion threats

However, loans without Schufa can be left out if they are not noted by the Schufa. On the basis of this data SCHUFA determines the so-called SCHUFA score. On a scale of 1 to 100, the creditworthiness is assessed. 100 indicates the best credit rating. The value is also influenced by whether, for example, loans are repaid on time or whether direct debits are reversed.

Consumers can view all SCHUFA data

If you want to know which data the SCHUFA has stored about you, you can get free access to your data once a year. This right is guaranteed by section 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act.

Other credit bureaus

Although it is mainly spoken by the SCHUFA, but there are other credit bureaus in the market, the insurance companies help in the assessment of creditworthiness. These include:

  • Delta Vista
  • Burgel
  • Infoscore
  • Boniversum

For which provider the insurance company decides, it is up to him. As a rule, insurers use SCHUFA data because it provides access to the data sets of more than 66 million people in Germany.

Car insurance comparison

  • Vehicle change, Smart Fortwo 0.9 Coupe, 66 kW (1313 / EGF), first registration: 07/2013, planned acquisition & holder license: 09/2017, cash purchase
  • Use: Only private (including commuting), 6,000 km / year, road (public), Erstwagen, Halter u. Driver = VN, approval in Munich (M)
  • Policyholder: male (born 1994), single, student, no children, place of residence: 80935 Munich
  • Liability (SF2) and full insurance (SF2) with 300 Euro SB incl. Partial insurance with 150 Euro SB, workshop selection free (all tariffs), annual contribution payment method
  • Cheapest offer: Cosmos Direkt (basis with workshop binding), annually 796.65 euros
  • Most expensive offer: Rhion (plus with workshop service), annually 1,649.83 euros

Replacement value: Important key figure for the car insurance

The replacement value is the value that must be paid in the case of damages in order to recover a damaged item. The replacement value of motor insurance equals the value of a comparable other vehicle if it has been damaged.

Thus, this value is a cost that must be incurred for the equivalent replacement of a damaged item. It is taken into account that the item is purchased from a trustworthy dealer and that possible additional costs for financing can arise.

Where the replacement value plays a role

The replacement value is usually an important calculation parameter for claim settlement. Thus, this value is mainly used in the insurance industry.

Here it is mainly property insurance such as motor insurance, home insurance or building insurance, working with the replacement value.

However, in the banking industry, too, the replacement value or the replacement cost is used. It is a measurement method to calculate financial derivatives.

Difference to the time value

The replacement value and the time value are both standard values ​​for determining the value of a thing, often a motor vehicle. However, these two values ​​differ from each other.

value Replacement cost
  • It starts from a hypothetical price that a thing would have achieved before it was damaged in a sale
  • Is determined by deduction of age and wear
  • Indicates the value needed to replace a damaged item with an equivalent item, including additional costs for financing or dealer surcharges
  • Determined by various criteria, age and wear also play a role

Due to the inclusion of dealer costs or additional financing costs, the replacement value is usually around one fifth above the fair value. The fair value usually does not play a role in determining the replacement value.

For used cars, the time value or the replacement value is usually always below the new value of a vehicle. The replacement value may be higher than the original value because the product has in the meantime become more expensive.

For classic cars, the replacement value will usually be above the new value, as the old vehicles can achieve high collector values.

Why is the replacement value important?

The replacement value is important to the car insurance company in order to determine the costs necessary to adequately replace the damaged vehicle. With the transfer of the replacement value, part of the claim for damages can be repaid after an accident.

Basically, injured parties have the opportunity to choose damages in two different forms:

  • Replacement value : If a car can no longer be driven due to a total loss, the insurance company determines the replacement value. This is usually charged to the so-called residual value of the vehicle and is paid to the injured.
  • Repair costs : If the vehicle is only damaged, but can still be used, the opposing insurance will refund the repair costs. These are determined and paid on the basis of an expert report.

Influence on insurance payment

The replacement value indicates how much money you will receive after an accident for your damaged and no longer roadworthy car. After an appraiser has determined the replacement value of your accident vehicle, the amount is paid out after an examination by the insurance company.

Why a new price compensation can make more sense

If you take out a car insurance, you often have the option of a new price compensation for partial and full insurance. Some insurance companies even offer this service automatically in connection with a total loss or theft.

If your policy is equipped with such compensation, you will not receive the replacement value of your vehicle in the event of damage, but the original price you paid for it.

The original price compensation is often beneficial. If it is assumed that new cars already have a significant loss of value within the first year, you will receive more from your insurance company than the replacement value.

differential taxation

In used car trading today, about 75 percent is the so-called “differential taxation”. The tax authorities want to prevent dealers from having to pay VAT on their vehicles, even if they resell them.

For this reason, traders only have to pay VAT for the difference between the retailer’s purchase value and the retailer’s sales value.

This fact plays an important role in determining the replacement value. Because the expert can not calculate the correct VAT rate for the replacement concrete.

For this reason, a guideline of 2.4 percent of taxes is usually included. In this way, however, the replacement value for the policyholder, who later has to pay the full VAT of 19 percent on his vehicle, is reduced.

130 percent rule

If a vehicle has been damaged by an accident, the car insurance company always checks if a repair is possible.

If an appraiser finds that the cost of the repair exceeds the replacement value by more than 30 percent, insured persons will only receive the replacement value.

Example: your car is damaged. An appraiser finds that you need 4,000 euros to buy a comparable car (replacement value). The report also notes that a repair would cost 5,500 euros. In this case, the insurance classifies the vehicle as a total loss and pays you the replacement value.


The replacement value is determined by insurance with the help of an independent expert or expert. However, the calculation of the replacement value in a car is often very tricky.

Thus, the appraiser must determine after the accident, in which general condition the vehicle was, which damage already existed or which were added.

A first orientation usually provide price determination tables for used cars. Thus, the replacement value always depends on the current market prices.

In addition, the following aspects determine the amount of the replacement value:

  • Mileage : The more miles a car has been driven, the lower its time value.
  • Equipment : If the wagon had extensive special equipment, the replacement value will be much higher than standard equipment. These include, for example, leather seats or special alloy wheels.
  • First registration : For the valuation it plays a big role, how old the vehicle is in the end.
  • General condition : Here the expert checks whether the vehicle is maintained or not. Unkempt cars generally receive a significantly lower replacement value. Since the condition of the vehicle care can be interpreted quite differently and is difficult to determine depending on the extent of the damage, this aspect can often lead to disputes about the amount of the replacement value.

Replacement value approx. 20 percent above fair value

Typically, the replacement value is approximately 20 percent above the fair value, as the fair value is only a hypothetical value that the destroyed item would have had in a potential sale prior to the accident.

In practice, the replacement value takes into account how much money the injured party has to pay in order to receive adequate compensation for his vehicle.

Unfair value: you can do that

If you as a consumer consider that the replacement value of your car was unfairly calculated, you can take legal action against it. In this case another report has to be prepared.

The cost of such an action can quickly amount to several thousand euros, because the amount of the costs depends on the amount in dispute. At the same time, the fee of the appraiser also depends on the amount of damage. The bigger the damage, the more expensive the appraiser will be.

Anyone who has traffic rights protection can fall back on his insurance in this case and usually has to pay nothing in addition to a deductible in addition to a lawyer.

Cancel car insurance

Related imageWhen can you cancel your car insurance?

If you do not want to continue the existing contract for car insurance, you can end it in two ways:

  • Ordinary termination or
  • Extraordinary termination

The ordinary termination

The term of a motor insurance is one year. If she is not terminated, she will be renewed for another year. If you want to cancel the car insurance properly, you have a notice period of one month on the main due date of your motor insurance. For most companies, the insurance year ends on 31 December. Deadline is the 30th of November . By this date, your written notice must be received by the insurer. An indication of reasons is not necessary.

The ordinary termination of motor insurance has two exceptions:

  • Underage majority
    Some insurers offer to conclude a contract outside the usual regulation from 1 January to 31 December. The length of the term is also one year. However, these policies are not due on 1 January, but at the agreed time. In the case of termination during the year, you must also observe a notice period of 1 month for the motor insurance.
  • Seasonal license plates
    In these, the main due date is the respective beginning of the season. The notice period is also one month, so you can cancel a contract with the start of the season 01.März 31 January.

Cut-off date regulations for a proper termination

due date
Call date / time
January 1st November 30 of the previous year
1st of March (season license plate) 31 January
During the year, 1 month before

The change of the car insurance can be worthwhile! With a new contract, you can save up to several hundred euros a year and enjoy the same or better benefits. Before you cancel your car insurance, compare the prices and benefits. What you should consider when changing a car insurance, you will find in our guide.


Calculate your individual premium quickly and easily in our contribution calculator: You simply enter your tariff data – and if you wish, you will receive the required eVB number online for the change of insurance.

The extraordinary termination

In addition to the ordinary termination, there is also the extraordinary termination, if a special right of termination. The extraordinary termination allows you to change your car insurance outside of the regular cut-off date. For this you must have a special right of termination. The most common reasons for a special right of termination are:

  • increase in contributions
  • New registration / vehicle change
  • case of damage

All reasons for termination

increase in contributions

You can terminate your motor insurance extraordinarily whenever your contributions are increased, even if this is only the case for part of the premium, such as the partial coverage. The insurer usually communicates this in November of each year, after certain risk factors have been reassessed. The background: At the beginning of October, for example, the German Insurance Association (GDV) publishes the new type and regional class directory.

If the risk assessment of your passenger car model (type class) and your registration area (regional class) leads to a less favorable classification for you, ie a higher classification in the respective risk class, this will increase the price . The insurer is obliged to inform you of the change at least one month before the new regulation comes into force. You then have the right to extraordinary termination of motor insurance. The one-month period begins upon receipt of the notification. If you would like to exercise your special right of termination in this case, you must cite the premium increase as the reason for termination.

Exceptions: You may not terminate the Motor Insurance with each change in contributions extraordinary. This eliminates the special right of termination if your annual premium falls due to the classification into a lower risk class. This occurs when the corresponding risk assessments improve in the type-class directory or regional statistics. Also excluded from extraordinary dismissal are those premium increases that include a correspondingly reasonable improvement in performance.

vehicle change

If you cancel your car during a current contract and register a new vehicle, it is called the vehicle change. Under these conditions, you have a special right of termination and can terminate the contract without further notice.

Sell ​​vehicle

If you sell your registered and insured car, you have no right to extraordinary termination. Rather, the vehicle insurance goes with the vehicle to the buyer. He then has a special right of termination with a notice period of one month. The background: This ensures that each vehicle always has at least the legally required liability insurance. One of your duties when selling a registered car is to inform your insurer about the transaction. If the buyer concludes a new insurance policy for the vehicle and if he submits an insurance confirmation to the registration authority, this automatically applies as a termination of the contract of insurance. The termination will be effective at the beginning of the new insurance.

Shut down the vehicle

If you stop your car, for example because you do not use your convertible in winter, you can not cancel the car insurance. Instead, usually a non-contributory pension insurance, which provides insurance coverage for liability and partial insurance. If you return to public transport by car, the existing insurance policy will be reinstated.

Log off the vehicle

If the car is not temporarily, but finally logged off and then scrapped, it requires no notice. Car insurance ends automatically, for insurers this is a so-called risk avoidance. You just have to inform your insurer.


If the nature and use of the vehicle changes and the contribution thereby increases by more than 10%, you may terminate the insurance contract without notice within one month of receipt of the notification of increase in premium.

Change of tariff structure or insurance conditions

If the insurer fundamentally changes his tariff or if the terms of insurance also give you a special right of termination. The notice period is one month if the tariff structure is changed and six weeks after receipt of the change notification if the conditions change.


If the vehicle owner dies, motor vehicle insurance does not necessarily end. It refers to the car, not to the person, and transfers to the heirs with the vehicle. The insurance company may adjust the premiums to the new circumstances, for example the respective non-infringement class of the heir is taken into account. Therefore, after a death, it is only possible in individual cases to terminate the car insurance extraordinarily. A special right of termination exists only if the vehicle was rewritten to the heirs during the testator’s lifetime. In this case, the insurer will refund pro rata an already paid premium.

case of damage

In case of a claim both you and the insurance company have a special right of termination for the existing motor insurance. The period of notice of one month begins as soon as the insurer has handled the case and communicated its decision as to whether or not the damage will be covered. Whether the decision is positive or negative will not affect the possibility of extraordinary termination.

When is no extraordinary termination possible?

There are other circumstances that are inadmissible for premature termination of motor insurance. This means that you can not name them as reasons for extraordinary cancellation of your car insurance. Thus, not every premium increase offers a special right of termination, for example if the legislature raises the insurance tax . The increase in the insurance premium after a move is also permissible if the new place of residence is in a higher regional class. Likewise, if one of the claims is for a settlement that requires downgrading during the non-infringing years, the premium should rise the following year.


In order to prevent a downgrading of the years without claims, that is to say your indemnity class, some insurers offer contracts with discount protection. The comfort protection of CosmosDirekt ensures that up to three damage to you without financial consequences. This means there is no downgrade.


The extraordinary cancellation of motor insurance is void under the following circumstances:

  • move
  • reduction in contributions
  • Contribution increase (due to downgrading of the claim-free class)
  • Increase of the insurance tax by the legislator

How can you cancel your car insurance?

If you want to cancel your car insurance, we recommend that you cancel in 5 steps:

1st step: Is there a reason for termination?

For a proper cancellation of motor insurance, there is no indication of a reason. Requirements for extraordinary termination:

  • General premium increases (without additional services) Vehicle change
  • case of damage
  • death
  • Insurance changes conditions or tariff features
  • Change of vehicle use

2nd step: Do you have to observe a notice period?

  • In the case of an ordinary cancellation for a motor vehicle insurance with a main due date of 1 January, the deadline is 30 November.
    Exceptions: Season license plate, cancellation during the year.
  • In the event of extraordinary termination , the period of notice for the motor vehicle insurance is 1 month (6 weeks if the insurance conditions change)

Step 3: Search for and sign up for new car insurance

Check and compare the different providers regarding services, price and service. Examples:

  • Does damage already lead to the demotion and thus to the contribution increase or is there a discount protection for several accidents?
  • Is there a customer bonus if you have already taken out other insurance with the company?
  • Do you incur further costs for getting and bringing the accident car through the specialist workshop?
  • Even if the price does not say it all: how cheap is the premium for car insurance?

Step 4: Wait for confirmation of the new insurance

In any case, you should not cancel the existing motor insurance until the new insurer has confirmed the new policy. Because there are circumstances – for example, individual risk characteristics or different acceptance guidelines – under which the insurer rejects an application. Only if you have the security by contract confirmation, a cancellation of the existing motor insurance is advisable.

Step 5: Cancel old insurance

To cancel your car insurance quickly, easily and formally correctly, simply use the exchange service. If you cancel by post, we recommend that you send it by registered mail (decisive is the date of the inbox). Cancellation by e-mail is usually not possible.

Conclusion: Check your car insurance!

A cheap car insurance tariff is often associated with significantly reduced benefits. Compare the rates and features . If you want a top protection , then you have to consider the supplementary insurance . This will give you the best possible insurance protection.


  • Is there a discount protection ?
  • Is there a letter of protection to cover the costs for accident or roadside assistance, rental car or return transport?
  • Is there an accident insurance that financially protects drivers and passengers?
  • Is there legal expenses insurance to cover the financial consequences of legal disputes?

Car Insurance Test of Financial Test: The Best Vendors

Related imageCar insurance test the financial test of recent years

Update October 20, 2015: For this year’s survey Stiftung Warentest has determined good and favorable tariffs for 2016 from 160 offers. Once again, the contribution levels of over 70 providers for different age groups were compared. For example, insurers Allsecur, Baden Badener and Direct Line are recommended for liability insurance with partial coverage.

Update 18 October 2016: Finanztest has once again voted the best rates for 2017. The motor insurance test shows that motorists save several hundred euros if they switch from an expensive to a low-cost provider. A low price level has many insurers. For the partial coverage these are, for example, Allsecur, Baden-Baden, DA, Direct Line, Hannoversche, HUK-Coburg and Sparkassen DirektVersicherung.

Service: Which insurer suits you? With the car insurance comparison calculator, you can quickly find out which provider from a variety of tariffs offers you the best conditions.

Car insurance tested by Stiftung Warentest

For the motor insurance test Finanztest (issue 11/2013) has taken the tariffs of 71 car insurers under the microscope. Experts assume that insurers will again increase their prices, as they do almost every year: with a change, motorists can still save several hundred euros a year . In extreme cases, it is almost 3,000 euros, has found financial test. Even for motorists who can foresee that their car insurance in the coming year is cheaper, worth the comparison. Because there may be hidden price increases , which at first glance do not stand out due to a new, lower-priced claims-free class. “Although the individual contribution drops, the insurance company may have turned the price screw,” explains Stiftung Warentest.

Car insurance test of financial test – the test winner:

  • DA German General
  • Direct Line
  • Hannoversche
  • Asstel

Financial test finds the four cheapest insurer in the car insurance test

Finanztest carried out the major motor insurance test 2013 on the basis of five model customers. For various claims-free classes, the experts have each queried the contributions for car insurance. The offers of the insurers for a liability insurance alone or with partial and full insurance were examined. The test has in this way felt a total of 150 car insurance from 71 providers to the tooth. Four companies perform best in the overall comparison.

Car insurance test the financial test shows high potential savings

Just recently, a study by Direct Line has shown how much savings potential is in car insurance. Now financial test comes to the same conclusion: A car insurance comparison is worthwhile. Especially the price differences among young drivers are enormous with almost 3,000 euros. But even families can save a lot. The most expensive tariff in car insurance test costs more than 1,200 euros per year – the cheapest, however, only 255 euros. Frequent riders pay just 340 euros a year for the best deal – or almost triple, if they choose the most expensive fare. The situation is similar for solo drivers. And retirees have the choice: either compare and find the cheapest car insurance or pay up to two and a half times as much for the insurance.

Various reasons for contribution increases in motor insurance

Why car insurance is more expensive can have several reasons. In addition to new regional and type classes for 2017, the driver’s circle also has an influence on the contribution amount. If you specify an unknown driver circle, sometimes you have to pay up to 100 percent more. The mileage also has a significant effect on the premium. The more kilometers are covered, the more expensive the insurance. Other factors include the vehicle age, the age of the insured and the owner of the car. If this is different from the driver, the insurance can be up to 30 percent more expensive. In contrast, a workshop binding and the parking space , such as a garage, have a positive effect. Motorists can save more than ten percent in each case.

Stiftung Warentest: Which benefits are useful for car insurance?

In addition to sensible extra benefits, such as reimbursement for marten bite and game damage, financial test points out some extras for which a surcharge is not worthwhile. Motorists can, for example, insure their mobile phone against theft in the parked car or in case the car goes down with a ferry. Both are not necessary from the perspective of the experts. It makes more sense, however, to agree with the insurance a rebate protection. Even if that makes the contract more expensive, insured people can save in the long run. After all, with the discount protection, vehicle owners are not classified in any higher damage-free category after up to three accidents.

Car Insurance Test 2015: 10 test winners

The latest car insurance test 2015 by the analysis institute ServiceValue and Focus-Money (issue 16/2015) identifies the most fair motor insurance companies based on numerous ratings from motorists . Special questions were asked about service and features.

They dealt, for example, with the advisory competence of the providers , the general service quality, the duration of the liquidation after a claim, and how well customers feel in their insurer. In the fairness ranking, a total of seven service insurers received a very good result . There were three very good ratings among auto direct insurers .

Car insurance test 2015: These are the test winner

The fairest providers in the 2015 motor insurance test were examined for a total of 23 test criteria in six different areas . The interviewed customers should give judgments on how fair they feel about the product offering, the price-performance ratio, the customer service, the customer communication and advice and the claims settlement of the examined insurers. The test winners with the rating “very good” are :

Top 7 car service insurers (providers with branch network for personal customer support)

  • AachenMünchener
  • DEVK
  • HUK Coburg
  • LVM insurance
  • Signal Iduna
  • VGH insurance
  • WGV

Top 3 car direct insurers (society with pure online business)

  • Allsecur
  • CosmosDirekt
  • HUK24

Definition of fairness in motor insurance test 2015

In the 2015 Motor Insurance Test, customers assessed how fair a provider is. However, since the term “fairness” means quite different, the testers have circumvented this problem by asking customer reviews on 23 service and performance features . These characteristics were each subjected to a relevance analysis in order to determine the influence on good customer loyalty.

Car insurance test 2015 shows: Customer loyalty is particularly important

Motorists can usually cancel their car insurance on November 30 of each year and switch to another insurer. Many companies advertise in the fall with particularly favorable offers for motorists and Co. According to a survey by YouGov, however, many customers despite the tempting offers their insurance company remain loyal , because they feel in good hands, says Focus-Money. For motor vehicle insurers, this means, conversely, that customer loyalty can be more important than a particularly favorable price – and this is mainly produced by the fairness of the provider.

Motorists find the best car insurance with these providers

Which providers currently offer the best car insurance? This question is Map-Report punctually pursued this year’s change season. In the new rating of German car insurers, a total of 13 companies received the top grade “mmm”. The fact that drivers can save several hundred euros by switching to one of the best motor insurers, however, the editor of the Map Report, Manfred Poweleit, but for nonsense.

Best car insurance: These are the winners in the new rating

According to Map-Report this year, the best motor insurance is provided by the companies HUK-Coburg aG, HUK-Coburg Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Public Braunschweig and Oldenburgische. Together with nine other providers, these insurers received the rating grade “mmm” in the new test for long-term excellence in car insurance. Among other things, the industry service Map-Report examined the rating and the service strength of car insurers for the rating.

Best service at VGH and Provinzial Rheinland

According to the new car insurance test, the car insurance companies VGH and Provinzial Rheinland offer the best car insurance in the service sector. They were able to convince the rating with their service strength. Thus Map-Report draws a different picture than a slightly older study by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), in which the providers ADAC, HUK-Coburg and HUK24 were able to shine as “Most Popular Motor Insurers 2013”. A recent study by the magazine Finanztest has come to another conclusion. The motor insurers DA Deutsche Allgemeine, Direct Line and Hannoversche were the most convincing drivers here.

Switch to the best car insurance until 30th November 2013

The different test results make it clear that it is always in the eye of the beholder, which is the best car insurance. Depending on whether motorists attach more importance to low-cost protection, excellent service or a comprehensive service package, very different offers can be considered. That’s what makes a tariff comparison so important. Until 30 November, it is worthwhile for many car owners to look for a suitable motor insurance and, if necessary, to change the provider.

Save several hundred euros on car insurance?

The promises of some providers that car drivers can save several hundred euros with a change doubts so many insurance customers not without reason. How should someone who currently pays 200 euros per year for protection, with a change 800 euros or more by a change can save, also asks Map Report editor in chief Poweleit. Such a high saving is probably only possible in individual cases and then probably more for those insured who have not taken care of their once-completed contract for years.

According to Stiftung Warentest, the offer comparison is also worthwhile for young drivers. The price differences between individual rates would be here even at almost 3,000 euros, the consumer organization had reported only in October. For all others, even if the savings potential is not necessarily in the four-digit range, worth a car insurance comparison right now. Even if at the end maybe “only” a savings of 50 euros in it.

Loss of car insurance through tuning

No matter if car owners or motorcyclists – the number of tuning fans in Germany is growing. The current judgment of the Higher Regional Court Naumburg (AZ: 4 U 69/13) shows tuners but dangerous consequences. The owner of a moto-cross machine had these throttled in the workshop. An appraiser confirmed his street legal status. He also communicated this change to his insurance company so as not to lose his insurance cover. Before delivery, the horsepower was increased again. When the machine was subsequently stolen, the owner was surprised that the insurance company was not liable for the damage. The consequences of styling affect not only motorcyclists but also motorists. What is there for vehicle owners to consider?

A conversion on the vehicle must be reported by the car owner

Tuning is an individual change to the chassis, engine, interior or body of the vehicle, such as lowering, change to wider tires, tinted windows, a spoiler as a visual change, engine performance rise and much more.

Depending on the nature and extent of the modifications, the changes to the vehicle must be noted in the papers and reported to the relevant authorities. If this does not happen, the keeper may face, for example, a fine at a police checkpoint , points in Flensburg or even the decommissioning of the vehicle.

What is the consequence of styling?

The styling of the car must not only be noted in the papers, but the vehicle owner should also inform his car insurance immediately . If he does not report the changes to his vehicle, he takes a high risk . In the worst case, the loss of insurance coverage threatens. Then the tuner carries in an accident or theft, the cost of the damage caused alone.

Increase of car insurance premiums by tuning

The motor insurance must also be informed with regard to the motor insurance contributions. Even small changes to the vehicle can influence the risk rating . Because styling results in new factors that the insurance may include in the premium calculation, so that the contributions are adjusted. If, for example, the engine power is increased, insurance companies arrange the vehicle in a new type class. Only through the adjusted contributions insurance coverage is guaranteed again.

What happens if the insurance coverage is lost?

If the withdrawal of road legal registration or the styling of the vehicle leads to the loss of insurance cover, the car owner must not move his vehicle . In addition, it is not allowed to leave the vehicle on the road without registration or insurance coverage. In this case, the car must be parked in a garage or on a private parking space .

Similar rules apply to vehicles with season labels. For many convertible and motorcycle riders, the season is coming to an end soon. Therefore, off-season car owners should make sure they also leave the vehicle and park it in a garage or on a private parking space.

A tip for all tuning fans: change of car insurance now possible

Many car owners need to reach deeper into the bag after tuning . A change of insurance can reduce costs. As a rule, car owners can cancel their car insurance until 30 November in time to switch to a cheaper provider . To find a suitable offer, Halter can use the car tariff calculator.