Car insurance: With these savings tips motorists reduce their costs

Image result for car insuranceAccording to a survey, every third motorist has ever changed his car insurance. 42 percent of the respondents have already gone this step several times. Last year, for example, 2.2 million insured people turned their backs on their car insurance and started in 2017 with a new insurer. Again this autumn, many car owners will take the opportunity to cancel their old car insurance until 30 November at the latest and to choose a new provider for their insurance coverage.

Compare current car insurance with new tariffs and adjust the payment method

According to a study, Germans pay on average more than 400 euros per year for their car insurance. But many of them can cut costs significantly, for example by comparing the benefits and expenses of their current car insurance with other offers. But also the payment method represents a lever for saving . As a rule, the providers grant a discount for insured who pay their contribution not once a month, but, for example, annually.

Refrain from comprehensive insurance and limit mileage

In order to lower car insurance expenses, it is possible to think about the scope of benefits . For example, is a partial comprehensive insurance still worthwhile when the car is already twelve years old? Motorists should also try to estimate their annual mileage realistic. Because the fewer miles you specify, the cheaper is usually the car insurance. If, however, it is foreseeable that the kilometers traveled are above the value stated in the insurance, insured persons should report this to the provider. Otherwise it can come in an emergency to problems in entitlement to benefits.

Which car insurance offers the best mix of price and performance?

In order to find a suitable car insurance, drivers willing to change can orient themselves to current test winners in car insurance. In the middle of the month, Stiftung Warentest will publish a new overview of recommended providers in the journal Finanztest. In addition, consumers can see the benefits and costs of various insurers using online tariff calculators . In this way, they get the fastest overview of a variety of car insurance.