Car Insurance Test of Financial Test: The Best Vendors

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Update October 20, 2015: For this year’s survey Stiftung Warentest has determined good and favorable tariffs for 2016 from 160 offers. Once again, the contribution levels of over 70 providers for different age groups were compared. For example, insurers Allsecur, Baden Badener and Direct Line are recommended for liability insurance with partial coverage.

Update 18 October 2016: Finanztest has once again voted the best rates for 2017. The motor insurance test shows that motorists save several hundred euros if they switch from an expensive to a low-cost provider. A low price level has many insurers. For the partial coverage these are, for example, Allsecur, Baden-Baden, DA, Direct Line, Hannoversche, HUK-Coburg and Sparkassen DirektVersicherung.

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Car insurance tested by Stiftung Warentest

For the motor insurance test Finanztest (issue 11/2013) has taken the tariffs of 71 car insurers under the microscope. Experts assume that insurers will again increase their prices, as they do almost every year: with a change, motorists can still save several hundred euros a year . In extreme cases, it is almost 3,000 euros, has found financial test. Even for motorists who can foresee that their car insurance in the coming year is cheaper, worth the comparison. Because there may be hidden price increases , which at first glance do not stand out due to a new, lower-priced claims-free class. “Although the individual contribution drops, the insurance company may have turned the price screw,” explains Stiftung Warentest.

Car insurance test of financial test – the test winner:

  • DA German General
  • Direct Line
  • Hannoversche
  • Asstel

Financial test finds the four cheapest insurer in the car insurance test

Finanztest carried out the major motor insurance test 2013 on the basis of five model customers. For various claims-free classes, the experts have each queried the contributions for car insurance. The offers of the insurers for a liability insurance alone or with partial and full insurance were examined. The test has in this way felt a total of 150 car insurance from 71 providers to the tooth. Four companies perform best in the overall comparison.

Car insurance test the financial test shows high potential savings

Just recently, a study by Direct Line has shown how much savings potential is in car insurance. Now financial test comes to the same conclusion: A car insurance comparison is worthwhile. Especially the price differences among young drivers are enormous with almost 3,000 euros. But even families can save a lot. The most expensive tariff in car insurance test costs more than 1,200 euros per year – the cheapest, however, only 255 euros. Frequent riders pay just 340 euros a year for the best deal – or almost triple, if they choose the most expensive fare. The situation is similar for solo drivers. And retirees have the choice: either compare and find the cheapest car insurance or pay up to two and a half times as much for the insurance.

Various reasons for contribution increases in motor insurance

Why car insurance is more expensive can have several reasons. In addition to new regional and type classes for 2017, the driver’s circle also has an influence on the contribution amount. If you specify an unknown driver circle, sometimes you have to pay up to 100 percent more. The mileage also has a significant effect on the premium. The more kilometers are covered, the more expensive the insurance. Other factors include the vehicle age, the age of the insured and the owner of the car. If this is different from the driver, the insurance can be up to 30 percent more expensive. In contrast, a workshop binding and the parking space , such as a garage, have a positive effect. Motorists can save more than ten percent in each case.

Stiftung Warentest: Which benefits are useful for car insurance?

In addition to sensible extra benefits, such as reimbursement for marten bite and game damage, financial test points out some extras for which a surcharge is not worthwhile. Motorists can, for example, insure their mobile phone against theft in the parked car or in case the car goes down with a ferry. Both are not necessary from the perspective of the experts. It makes more sense, however, to agree with the insurance a rebate protection. Even if that makes the contract more expensive, insured people can save in the long run. After all, with the discount protection, vehicle owners are not classified in any higher damage-free category after up to three accidents.