Car Insurance Change 2015: Protect now cheap from damage

Those who want to change their car insurance and secure cheap premiums for next year should act now. Because the notice period for the motor vehicle liability and comprehensive insurance ends for most policies on 30 November. Here, motorists can find a suitable new tariff quickly and easily with a car insurance comparison computer without professional help. On the other hand, catching up on offers from the providers is usually too time-consuming for late-comers. Especially as many people do not know about possible discounts and important insurance benefits for car insurance.

Car Insurance Change 2015: It is important to pay attention to these benefits

With a change of car insurance, many drivers want to save insurance premiums again in 2015 and find the cheapest possible car insurance for 2016. But those who only pay attention to the insurance premium, may have the disadvantage, if it really comes to a loss. For example, motor liability insurance provides for a statutory minimum cover for property damage of 1.12 million euros . However, some car insurance companies offer much higher damage coverage of about 100 million euros .

With a simple sheet metal damage, it does not come to such enormous damage. However, if a motorist causes an accident involving, for example, a truck with expensive cargo, the costs incurred can very quickly exceed the minimum cover . In such a case, the responsible car driver can be happy to have a high-coverage liability insurance – even if this is usually a bit more expensive.

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Save on discounts on car insurance change 2015

Instead of saving on the benefits, motorists should rather try elsewhere to reduce the insurance premiums . When changing car insurance in 2015, it is advisable to exploit targeted discounts. Not only the damage-free discount, because all providers charge, beats to book. Vehicle owners may also benefit from factors such as the use of a garage or sole occupancy of the vehicle.

As a general rule, car insurance contributions are calculated on the basis of a number of personal factors . In addition to the vehicle type and place of residence are, for example, the professional activity of the vehicle owner, the individual driving behavior and the exact form of vehicle use. With new tariffs, which record and evaluate the driving style by modern Telematik procedures, the trend with the auto insurance goes anyway to individualized insurance premiums. Therefore, a personal comparison of car insurance change is also a prerequisite for cheap and fair contributions.

Car Insurance Change: With new tests for the best car insurance for 2016

Just in time for the car insurance change season 2015, the Stiftung Warentest publishes a big test for the cheapest car insurance for the next year. On the basis of the current motor insurance test of the financial test (issue 11/2015), motorists can get a comprehensive overview of the price trends this year. However, since the testers are based on model cases that can deviate greatly from the personal situation, the results do not replace the individual car insurance comparison.

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