Cancel car insurance

Related imageWhen can you cancel your car insurance?

If you do not want to continue the existing contract for car insurance, you can end it in two ways:

  • Ordinary termination or
  • Extraordinary termination

The ordinary termination

The term of a motor insurance is one year. If she is not terminated, she will be renewed for another year. If you want to cancel the car insurance properly, you have a notice period of one month on the main due date of your motor insurance. For most companies, the insurance year ends on 31 December. Deadline is the 30th of November . By this date, your written notice must be received by the insurer. An indication of reasons is not necessary.

The ordinary termination of motor insurance has two exceptions:

  • Underage majority
    Some insurers offer to conclude a contract outside the usual regulation from 1 January to 31 December. The length of the term is also one year. However, these policies are not due on 1 January, but at the agreed time. In the case of termination during the year, you must also observe a notice period of 1 month for the motor insurance.
  • Seasonal license plates
    In these, the main due date is the respective beginning of the season. The notice period is also one month, so you can cancel a contract with the start of the season 01.März 31 January.

Cut-off date regulations for a proper termination

due date
Call date / time
January 1st November 30 of the previous year
1st of March (season license plate) 31 January
During the year, 1 month before

The change of the car insurance can be worthwhile! With a new contract, you can save up to several hundred euros a year and enjoy the same or better benefits. Before you cancel your car insurance, compare the prices and benefits. What you should consider when changing a car insurance, you will find in our guide.


Calculate your individual premium quickly and easily in our contribution calculator: You simply enter your tariff data – and if you wish, you will receive the required eVB number online for the change of insurance.

The extraordinary termination

In addition to the ordinary termination, there is also the extraordinary termination, if a special right of termination. The extraordinary termination allows you to change your car insurance outside of the regular cut-off date. For this you must have a special right of termination. The most common reasons for a special right of termination are:

  • increase in contributions
  • New registration / vehicle change
  • case of damage

All reasons for termination

increase in contributions

You can terminate your motor insurance extraordinarily whenever your contributions are increased, even if this is only the case for part of the premium, such as the partial coverage. The insurer usually communicates this in November of each year, after certain risk factors have been reassessed. The background: At the beginning of October, for example, the German Insurance Association (GDV) publishes the new type and regional class directory.

If the risk assessment of your passenger car model (type class) and your registration area (regional class) leads to a less favorable classification for you, ie a higher classification in the respective risk class, this will increase the price . The insurer is obliged to inform you of the change at least one month before the new regulation comes into force. You then have the right to extraordinary termination of motor insurance. The one-month period begins upon receipt of the notification. If you would like to exercise your special right of termination in this case, you must cite the premium increase as the reason for termination.

Exceptions: You may not terminate the Motor Insurance with each change in contributions extraordinary. This eliminates the special right of termination if your annual premium falls due to the classification into a lower risk class. This occurs when the corresponding risk assessments improve in the type-class directory or regional statistics. Also excluded from extraordinary dismissal are those premium increases that include a correspondingly reasonable improvement in performance.

vehicle change

If you cancel your car during a current contract and register a new vehicle, it is called the vehicle change. Under these conditions, you have a special right of termination and can terminate the contract without further notice.

Sell ​​vehicle

If you sell your registered and insured car, you have no right to extraordinary termination. Rather, the vehicle insurance goes with the vehicle to the buyer. He then has a special right of termination with a notice period of one month. The background: This ensures that each vehicle always has at least the legally required liability insurance. One of your duties when selling a registered car is to inform your insurer about the transaction. If the buyer concludes a new insurance policy for the vehicle and if he submits an insurance confirmation to the registration authority, this automatically applies as a termination of the contract of insurance. The termination will be effective at the beginning of the new insurance.

Shut down the vehicle

If you stop your car, for example because you do not use your convertible in winter, you can not cancel the car insurance. Instead, usually a non-contributory pension insurance, which provides insurance coverage for liability and partial insurance. If you return to public transport by car, the existing insurance policy will be reinstated.

Log off the vehicle

If the car is not temporarily, but finally logged off and then scrapped, it requires no notice. Car insurance ends automatically, for insurers this is a so-called risk avoidance. You just have to inform your insurer.


If the nature and use of the vehicle changes and the contribution thereby increases by more than 10%, you may terminate the insurance contract without notice within one month of receipt of the notification of increase in premium.

Change of tariff structure or insurance conditions

If the insurer fundamentally changes his tariff or if the terms of insurance also give you a special right of termination. The notice period is one month if the tariff structure is changed and six weeks after receipt of the change notification if the conditions change.


If the vehicle owner dies, motor vehicle insurance does not necessarily end. It refers to the car, not to the person, and transfers to the heirs with the vehicle. The insurance company may adjust the premiums to the new circumstances, for example the respective non-infringement class of the heir is taken into account. Therefore, after a death, it is only possible in individual cases to terminate the car insurance extraordinarily. A special right of termination exists only if the vehicle was rewritten to the heirs during the testator’s lifetime. In this case, the insurer will refund pro rata an already paid premium.

case of damage

In case of a claim both you and the insurance company have a special right of termination for the existing motor insurance. The period of notice of one month begins as soon as the insurer has handled the case and communicated its decision as to whether or not the damage will be covered. Whether the decision is positive or negative will not affect the possibility of extraordinary termination.

When is no extraordinary termination possible?

There are other circumstances that are inadmissible for premature termination of motor insurance. This means that you can not name them as reasons for extraordinary cancellation of your car insurance. Thus, not every premium increase offers a special right of termination, for example if the legislature raises the insurance tax . The increase in the insurance premium after a move is also permissible if the new place of residence is in a higher regional class. Likewise, if one of the claims is for a settlement that requires downgrading during the non-infringing years, the premium should rise the following year.


In order to prevent a downgrading of the years without claims, that is to say your indemnity class, some insurers offer contracts with discount protection. The comfort protection of CosmosDirekt ensures that up to three damage to you without financial consequences. This means there is no downgrade.


The extraordinary cancellation of motor insurance is void under the following circumstances:

  • move
  • reduction in contributions
  • Contribution increase (due to downgrading of the claim-free class)
  • Increase of the insurance tax by the legislator

How can you cancel your car insurance?

If you want to cancel your car insurance, we recommend that you cancel in 5 steps:

1st step: Is there a reason for termination?

For a proper cancellation of motor insurance, there is no indication of a reason. Requirements for extraordinary termination:

  • General premium increases (without additional services) Vehicle change
  • case of damage
  • death
  • Insurance changes conditions or tariff features
  • Change of vehicle use

2nd step: Do you have to observe a notice period?

  • In the case of an ordinary cancellation for a motor vehicle insurance with a main due date of 1 January, the deadline is 30 November.
    Exceptions: Season license plate, cancellation during the year.
  • In the event of extraordinary termination , the period of notice for the motor vehicle insurance is 1 month (6 weeks if the insurance conditions change)

Step 3: Search for and sign up for new car insurance

Check and compare the different providers regarding services, price and service. Examples:

  • Does damage already lead to the demotion and thus to the contribution increase or is there a discount protection for several accidents?
  • Is there a customer bonus if you have already taken out other insurance with the company?
  • Do you incur further costs for getting and bringing the accident car through the specialist workshop?
  • Even if the price does not say it all: how cheap is the premium for car insurance?

Step 4: Wait for confirmation of the new insurance

In any case, you should not cancel the existing motor insurance until the new insurer has confirmed the new policy. Because there are circumstances – for example, individual risk characteristics or different acceptance guidelines – under which the insurer rejects an application. Only if you have the security by contract confirmation, a cancellation of the existing motor insurance is advisable.

Step 5: Cancel old insurance

To cancel your car insurance quickly, easily and formally correctly, simply use the exchange service. If you cancel by post, we recommend that you send it by registered mail (decisive is the date of the inbox). Cancellation by e-mail is usually not possible.

Conclusion: Check your car insurance!

A cheap car insurance tariff is often associated with significantly reduced benefits. Compare the rates and features . If you want a top protection , then you have to consider the supplementary insurance . This will give you the best possible insurance protection.


  • Is there a discount protection ?
  • Is there a letter of protection to cover the costs for accident or roadside assistance, rental car or return transport?
  • Is there an accident insurance that financially protects drivers and passengers?
  • Is there legal expenses insurance to cover the financial consequences of legal disputes?