Cancel car insurance? That’s right!

Related imageCar insurance can be terminated in time for the end of the insurance year. As a rule, insurance contracts run until 31 December of each year.

Due to a usual notice period of one month, this means that a regular notice must be received by the insurer by 30 November so that the contract can be terminated by the last day of the year. If the 30th of November falls on a Sunday or public holiday, it is sufficient if the cancellation of the insurance company is due by 1 December.

Check contract term

Insurers are increasingly setting the date of the conclusion of a contract as the respective termination date. For this reason, you should not simply start from the deadline of 30th November, but you should definitely check your contract to the contrary.

The notice period of one month usually also exists in such cases, so that the termination date is once again one month earlier.

For a successful cancellation in due time, the notice of termination must have been received by the insurance company by the respective deadline. The postmark with the corresponding date is therefore not sufficient to maintain the deadline. If you want to be sure, you should send the notice a few days in advance. Even if the insurance company is informed much earlier about the intention to terminate, the insurance contract ends at the regular end of the contract period.

Consider discount protection

By switching to a cheaper car insurance you can sometimes save a lot of money. However, if you have agreed a rebate protection under your current policy, you should carefully recalculate.

A discount protection prevents you from becoming a more expensive damage-free class after a claim. However, this agreement only applies to your current insurance.

In case of a change, the new provider does not take over this special classification, but is based on your actual damage-free class. This can lead to your new theoretically cheaper car insurance ultimately cost significantly more than the old with discount protection.

If you miss the deadline for canceling your car insurance or want to terminate the contract sooner, you may be able to terminate the contract extraordinarily. For a special right of termination is required.

Expiry of the termination

Even if the deadline and the notice period can lead to a deadline, you should have already organized everything for your new insurance before the termination. This not only means that you have found your new provider and the desired insurance by car insurance comparison, but also that the insurer has already confirmed to you the new insurance contract.

For motor insurance, there is no compulsory finalization. This means that an insurer may reject you as a customer. If you have already terminated your old insurance then you could at worst be temporarily without insurance coverage and should not use your vehicle.

Even if motor insurance usually only rejects a potential customer, for example, if they want to insure a particularly expensive or risky vehicle or if the insurance provider has terminated the insurance, you should still play it safe and sign a new contract before canceling have been assured of old insurance.

For this you apply for the desired new policy before the cancellation of your old insurance. You will receive the new insurance contract after it has successfully verified and accepted your application. Only when you hold the new contract for signature in your hands, the time has come for the insured insurance change.

If your new car insurance is secured, it goes to the termination. Unlike the change of the electricity provider, the insurance companies do not offer an exchange service. This means that you must carry out the termination yourself in any case and the work can not be removed from your future insurer.

Termination must be in writing and should include the following information:

  • Your complete name
  • Your insurance number
  • Specification of when to terminate
  • Your address and contact options
  • your signature

Other details, such as the current mileage or the type of your vehicle, are usually not required. You will find the required insurance number in your insurance contract and, as a rule, in the mail or e-mail traffic with your insurance company. Your indication of when to terminate is either the termination date (eg 31st December) or the phrase “timely at the earliest possible time”.

The change is especially convenient for you with our notice letter generator. All you have to do is enter your details and send the downloaded notice.

Car insurance: termination notice generator

With this generator you can easily generate a cancellation for your car insurance:

  • Enter your data.
  • Select your car insurance. The address will be added automatically for you. If your insurer does not exist, you can enter the data manually.
  • Enter the number of your insurance policy and your license plate number.

Then you can download your letter of termination as a PDF and print it out.

Own address

first given name Surname road Post Code place of residence

Address of the insurance company

insurance provider insurer road Post Code place Insurance Certificate No. License number Event of Default Termination of the contract Special right of termination: premium increase Special right of termination: damage Date of contract expiry Download termination
Find cheap car rates now Find cheap car rates now Download termination

Shipping by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt

Your termination should be sent as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. This will give you a written confirmation of when your cancellation was received. Should the disputes with the insurance arise later regarding the observance of the notice period, you can prove your timely termination.

In addition, it is advisable to ask the insurance company in the letter of termination for a written confirmation of the notice of termination received.

The expiration of a proper termination of your car insurance should look like this:

  1. Compare car insurance and discover saving potential
  2. Check the notice period / date of the existing policy
    • Frequent termination date: December 31st
    • at special right of termination at any time
    • Notice of termination 1 month
  3. Apply for new car insurance and wait for confirmation
    Old insurance does not terminate without confirmed new insurance
  4. Cancel old car insurance
    • Full name
    • insurance number
    • Specification of when to terminate
    • Address and contact options
    • signature
    • Cancellation by registered mail with return receipt by mail
  5. Complete new insurance
    Sign and send the insurance contract

Special right

Under certain conditions, you can also terminate your contract extraordinarily in the current contract year. You have a special right of termination in the following cases:

increase in contributions

If your car insurance makes a price increase, you will receive a special right of termination with a notice period of one month. The period begins with the time at which you are informed about the price increase. In most cases, this is the day on which you received the appropriate letter or invoice from your insurance company.

Indirect price increase

Not all price increases are always the same. Even if the insurance contribution is unchanged, it may be that the vehicle was classified in a cheaper regional class or the insured person in a lower harmless class.

Then the contribution should have actually sink. If the benefit did not exist, it would also be a price increase in such cases.

After a price increase, the insured can cancel within one month extraordinarily. The price increase should be mentioned as reason for termination. The termination must be received one month after the announcement of the price increase in the insurance.

It is advisable that you do not specify an exact date as the termination date, but the “next possible time” to avoid a faulty date and thus an ineffective termination.

case of damage

Even after an accident – regardless of whether the insurance company has paid or has refused the damage – you can terminate the contract extraordinarily. Again, a special right of termination applies with a notice period of one month. The start of the period is the time at which the insurance company has decided to settle the claim.

The termination should be done at “the earliest possible date” and the reason given is “the regulated damage”.

vehicle change

Another event for which you can claim a special right of termination is when you change your vehicle. In this case, you can cancel your car insurance within a one-month period. As a reason you indicate in your notice the “vehicle change” and as an appointment the “next possible time”.


With a move, there is only the possibility of an extraordinary termination, if the vehicle at the old place of residence and the new registered. Whoever moves within the same admission area, receives no special right of termination. Again, you should have the notice of termination at “the earliest possible date” and indicate as a reason the “change of registration area”.

Even if you want to make short-term use of your special right of termination, you should have already been assured of your new car insurance. An exception is only the unsigned deregistration of a vehicle, if you do not want to run a vehicle in the future or temporarily.

By the deregistration of your vehicle, the insurance contract automatically expires. A termination on your part is therefore not required. If the insured vehicle owner has died, it is sufficient to inform the insurance company about this fact. A formal notice is not required.

Possible problem cases at termination

After you have sent the termination of your car insurance, it may happen that the insurer rejects your termination. However, this can only happen if, for example, you did not want to terminate the contract on time or extraordinarily without a corresponding special termination right.

In the case of a denial of termination, you should carefully examine what the reasons were.

  • If the notice period has not been observed by you, you can not resign until the earliest possible date at the end of the insurance year or in the event of a special termination right occurring.
  • If your cancellation letter was incomplete or ineffective for other reasons and the insurance was rejected before the end of your notice period, you can immediately start a new attempt with a corrected letter.
  • If you have complied with all deadlines and rules, so that the reason for rejecting your notice is not obvious, you should contact your insurance and ask. If the case can not be satisfactorily resolved, you can seek legal assistance or contact the Insurance Ombudsman as a free dispute resolution body.

If the old insurer accepts your termination and your new car insurance has not yet been guaranteed, it can even happen in the worst case that you are rejected by your new insurer as a customer. If possible, this case should be excluded from the outset, so that you do not suddenly end up without any insurance cover. However, if it has occurred, it is necessary to find a new insurer.

Meanwhile, you should find out why you have been turned down as a customer. For example, some providers insure only certain vehicles or customers from certain regions. Even if your Schufa information is negative, an insurer can reject you.

While you probably only have to select an alternative provider for the first two reasons, the negative information from Schufa can present you with bigger challenges. Ask the Schufa for your personal information and try to correct the negative entries.

Special case: Insurance terminates the policyholder

If you have to change your car insurance involuntarily because your old insurer has terminated the contract, finding a new insurance can be complicated. Such a termination by the insurance can be done, for example, if a customer has caused particularly high or high damage.

If an insurance policy wants to terminate the policyholder, it must also comply with deadlines and dates. Ordinary termination may take place at the end of the insurance year or at the end of the calendar year or at the end of an agreed contract period with a notice period of one month.

Extraordinarily, the insurance can terminate in the event of damage. In this case also applies a period of notice of one month from the settlement of claims.

If the cancellation of your insurance has come to you, you must seek a new provider. However, this can be difficult because when applying for a new insurance, you must state that the insurance has terminated you. This may prevent the new provider from accepting you as a customer.

However, you still have two alternatives after receiving the termination of your provider:

  • Termination reversal : First, you can try to achieve a reversal of termination. However, this will only happen if your insurance agrees. In the event of a cancellation reversal, the customer may terminate before the cancellation of the insurance becomes effective. So he can indicate to a potential new provider that he himself has terminated the contract. This significantly improves the prospects for new car insurance.

  • Contract rehabilitation : Another possibility to react to the termination by the motor vehicle insurer is the offer of a contract rehabilitation. In this case, for example, a deductible can be set up or increased so that the insured person becomes more interesting again as a customer. Other options may be to forego certain services in the future in order to be able to continue the contract.

If you want to cancel your car insurance, you should clarify these two options. In both cases, you might find it much easier to find a new car insurance later.