Best car insurance 2017: Twelve providers score with their fairness

Image result for car insuranceThe search for the best car insurance 2017 is not exactly easy. Because the vehicle owners are facing a large number of motor vehicle insurances, which are eligible for their protection. Many drivers pay attention to how expensive the insurance is in the selection, others do not necessarily want a cheap contribution, but feel comfortable with the provider above all . In particular, if the insurer offers a poor service, delayed services or unnecessarily complicated, most motorists just want to change the car insurance .

Last year, more than two million customers decided to take this step, according to the market research and consulting institute YouGov. Significantly more drivers were also interested in a change. But many remained true to their car insurance, as they felt in good hands. The feeling, however, has been decreasing for years. “Suppliers must take countermeasures through service and transparency in order to prevent redundancies from being terminated,” the YouGov study said.

Best car insurance 2017: every third insurer trades fair

To find the best car insurance in 2017 in terms of fairness, nearly 3,000 customers from 36 companies were asked how satisfied they are with their insurer . Motorists were able to rate their car insurance in various areas, such as customer service, product offer and claims settlement.

One-third of car insurance companies achieved a very good overall result in the test. Compared to the previous year, the Westfälische Provinzial and the Württembergische are new to the list of the fairest insurers. Some of the best car insurance companies include:

  • AachenMünchener
  • ADAC
  • alliance
  • Allsecur
  • CosmosDirekt
  • LVM
  • Signal Iduna
  • VGH
  • Westphalian Provincial
  • Württembergische

Tip: All in all, twelve providers know how to convince. However, the test does not take even half of the insurers in Germany under the microscope. With a car insurance comparison calculator, however, you get a better overview of recommended rates from a variety of offers.

Car insurance companies achieve very good results in claim settlement

In the motor insurance test, the companies achieved the best partial results in the claim settlement category. Here, on the one hand, customers assessed how high the reimbursement of auto insurance in the event of an accident was. On the other hand, they assessed how quickly society reacted and whether the regulation was complicated . For example, AachenMünchener, Allianz, LVM, Württembergische and Allsecur are performing very well here.

Best car insurance 2017: For customers, sensitivity is required

A special focus was on how companies deal with the concerns of their customers outside of a benefit case. In the categories customer service, customer service and customer communication, the respondents therefore assessed features such as the professional competence of their insurer and evaluated the extent to which they fulfilled their wishes . In addition, customers gave their verdict on whether the company provided them with sufficient information and provided advice and assistance in answering questions.

In general, the branch companies in these areas prove a bit more intuition than online companies, whose focus is more on the price-performance ratio. Nevertheless, in addition to Allianz, ADAC, VGH, LVM and Signal Iduna, the direct provider CosmosDirekt is among the best car insurers in 2017 in terms of customer traffic.

Safe driving pays off with telematics tariffs

For the first time, the fairness test also examines various telematics tariffs. Motorists who opt for it will be rewarded with rewards for predictive and safe driving. In return, however, insured persons record their driving data . Four of the eight insurers with telematics option make it into the ranking of good and very good offers. AachenMünchener, Allianz and Signal Iduna are among the best car insurance companies in 2017.